Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Duos Release - Jitterbug!

Don't you just adore those coffee bistros where you can sit down and enjoy your creamy cappuccino or enticing espresso? Rich colors, fabulous textures, and that one of a kind company you get with your best girlfriend. Jitterbug is inspired by those charming bistros and that buzz you get in the back of your head while enjoying your favorite coffee drink.
Not all elements are shown in the preview.

Kit Contains:
26 papers
1 Uppercase Only Alphabet
1 Handwritten Font (Great for Journaling!)
57 Elements
3 bows
1 bracket set
3 buttons
1 cake
2 cups
3 clips
1 dress
4 flowers
6 frames
1 journal blot
4 knots
1 leather disc
2 leaves
2 paper discs
2 paper flowers
1 plastic tie
1 purse
6 ribbons
1 ricrac
1 staple
3 strings
2 swirlies
6 tags

This kit has been so much fun to create--Scrappy Shannon & I had a lot of fun creating together.

Here are just a few of the layouts some of my absolutely awesome creative team created:


Now through April 10th, if you purchase Jitterbug, you are automatically entered into a drawing to WIN a FREE Blog Background and Header created exclusively by Shannon! You can check it out here. The background and header will be changed at the time the winner is announced. It is formatted for a 2-column blog in Google Blogger. Thanks for looking!!!